Lol it’s been a year already

Time really goes by so fast wahahha

Not much happened for the month of October. I tried doing Inktober again for this year, but I only got to day 10 before I drop out of the challenge wahahahah can’t have it affecting my day work >w>);;;;;;

I couldn’t decide what theme I should do for this year: Granblue or OC. Last time I did the challenge, I used our RP Group as the theme.

“Why not do both?” -myself, sleep deprived.

“Sounds like a great plan!!!” – myself again, still sleep deprived.

So here are the 20 pieces for 10 days worth of Inktober:



[OC] Idol Trio: Nao INKTOBER



I really had fun doing all these LOL

Although, maybe I would have survived all 31 days if I didn’t decided to overkill myself by doing two themes for inktober HAHAHAH, oh well, will try again next time!

redrawing an old oc


Her name is Yuuki. Other than that, I still haven’t rewritten any backstory/info for her. Maybe someday lol

So… Hiii, been stuck on an art block lately after my last drawing so I thought “maybe I should fix one of my old characters” would help.

I’m still feeling the wall but to be able to draw something at least is better than nothing.

There’s like… four things I still need to draw on my list and I hope I can start on the weekend if not tomorrow.


Fanart time: Djeeta

djeeta sketch


Just a quick art for tonight lolz

djeeta color


…or at least, that’s what I was hoping for but then I ended up coloring it lol


Why is it that when you want to draw, you can’t. But when you just have this… “lol maybe i should try even if I don’t feel like it”  thing, you suddenly get flooded with surprised arts.


..not that I’m complaining though. UwU

I drew my oc coz why not

eyyy son got new clothes lol


So, I’ve been busy for the past three weeks because… I finally have a job!

It’s been real scary and exciting after hibernating for like a year lol, and the need to adapt back into society quickly really made me second guess if I’m doing the right thing.

But so far, all is well. Day offs are now viewed as golden days for me again and the thought of being financially capable is comforting. That’s one big worry out of the way.

Real-life stories aside, I haven’t been drawing much due to fatigue, but I didn’t expect to have so much fun messing around with this particular head shot. I rarely–if not never–used most of Sai’s features(?) to be honest so I’m really late at discovering things like layers and filters. However, as they always say, the second best time to do something is today!

And here’s what I did for like… another 30 minutes after the first image.

Sai's filter tab ft. sen
“Oooh!” – me, earlier


I still have several left to draw, but for now I’ll take it easy and enjoy the rest of my day off lol

Journey Day 6 – Cat

Journey Day 6 - Cat
Journey Day 6 – Cat

Late entry but hey I was able to still make it ahhahahaha

I wanted to do something different this time, hence 2 colors with a sketchy feel.

I feel like I’m becoming more of a cat person as the years go by hahaha


Anyway, first week of Journey is done! See y’all on Monday.

Journey Day 4


Journey Day 4 – Watering Can

My keyboard broke down so I decided to continue via traditional means. But it’s been so long since I’ve tried pencil shading that I don’t remember it anymore _(:3 」∠)_

Also, I don’t have a paper that can hold a lot of lead so… hahahahah

I have to fix that keyboard pronto since I have stuffs to do asap;;;


On a side note, I saw this on my sketchbook so might as well save a virtual copy of it haha

It’s really small–like roughly 2 inches? Idk but I like it hhahahha