Journey Day 6 – Cat

Journey Day 6 - Cat
Journey Day 6 – Cat

Late entry but hey I was able to still make it ahhahahaha

I wanted to do something different this time, hence 2 colors with a sketchy feel.

I feel like I’m becoming more of a cat person as the years go by hahaha


Anyway, first week of Journey is done! See y’all on Monday.

Journey Day 5 – Field


Honestly, I was debating as to what place I should even try to draw. But in the end, I settled with something that reminds me of childhood home lol (and of course, can’t get enough of skies HAHA)

hmm I need to learn to put more color/emphasis?? on stuff, I feel like everything I’ve drawn so far are diluted in some ways HAHAHAHAH

Tomorrow’s the last entry for this week!

Journey Day – 3

Journey Day 3 - Nao
My OC Nao wearing the clothes I never wore lol

I call this one “that one skirt in the closet that I will never wear”.

Aside from drawing, maybe I should actually find some books about fashion and read lol

This is a quick one, roughly only 2 hrs. So it’s not as clean as it should be hahhaha

Ramen – Journey Challenge Day 1

Journey - # 1 - RamenSo it’s day 1 of my “Journey” – a self-imposed challenge in which I draw stuff 6 days a week till I reach the end of 2019.

So my pattern will be:
M – Food/Drinks
T – Sky
W – Fashion
Th – Objects
F – Places
S – Animals

The goal of this challenge is not for perfection or mastery of the stuff that I’ll be drawing, but to explore things that I don’t usually draw. It’s quite ambitious, and I’ll probably miss some days due to unexpected circumstances but hey, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there!

random note: “Sky” and “Places” are probably the same thing but I really like looking at the sky so might as well dedicate an entire day/s to it lol

Well, here’s hoping that I make it through the end of the year haha!