I drew my oc coz why not

eyyy son got new clothes lol


So, I’ve been busy for the past three weeks because… I finally have a job!

It’s been real scary and exciting after hibernating for like a year lol, and the need to adapt back into society quickly really made me second guess if I’m doing the right thing.

But so far, all is well. Day offs are now viewed as golden days for me again and the thought of being financially capable is comforting. That’s one big worry out of the way.

Real-life stories aside, I haven’t been drawing much due to fatigue, but I didn’t expect to have so much fun messing around with this particular head shot. I rarely–if not never–used most of Sai’s features(?) to be honest so I’m really late at discovering things like layers and filters. However, as they always say, the second best time to do something is today!

And here’s what I did for like… another 30 minutes after the first image.

Sai's filter tab ft. sen
“Oooh!” – me, earlier


I still have several left to draw, but for now I’ll take it easy and enjoy the rest of my day off lol