redrawing an old oc


Her name is Yuuki. Other than that, I still haven’t rewritten any backstory/info for her. Maybe someday lol

So… Hiii, been stuck on an art block lately after my last drawing so I thought “maybe I should fix one of my old characters” would help.

I’m still feeling the wall but to be able to draw something at least is better than nothing.

There’s like… four things I still need to draw on my list and I hope I can start on the weekend if not tomorrow.


lol been on art slump


The Journey challenge lasted for only like… a month? HAHAHA
It was a sad attempt, but an attempt nonetheless, and I’m still glad I was able to draw on a daily basis–despite how short it has been.

I learned how to be “burned out” in a hard way.  And the lack of proper planning for the challenge had an effect too.

I also noticed that I ended up procrastinating until it’s like… 30 mins left till the day is over LOL.
So lesson learned:
>Plan properly if it’s something that’s gonna take a whole year.
>Add more rest days. One day isn’t really enough.
>Set a consistent schedule to do the challenge to establish a solid routine.

Another good thing that came out of the challenge is that I noticed how “pale” my coloring is.

It’s something I’ve been trying to change nowadays, but overall, I haven’t done a “finished” artwork… okay, so there’s actually two, but I can’t post one of them yet due to personal reasons hahaha

So yeah, tl;dr – Been on an art block for a long while, so random experiments on coloring are all I’ve done lol