Lol it’s been a year already

Time really goes by so fast wahahha

Not much happened for the month of October. I tried doing Inktober again for this year, but I only got to day 10 before I drop out of the challenge wahahahah can’t have it affecting my day work >w>);;;;;;

I couldn’t decide what theme I should do for this year: Granblue or OC. Last time I did the challenge, I used our RP Group as the theme.

“Why not do both?” -myself, sleep deprived.

“Sounds like a great plan!!!” – myself again, still sleep deprived.

So here are the 20 pieces for 10 days worth of Inktober:



[OC] Idol Trio: Nao INKTOBER



I really had fun doing all these LOL

Although, maybe I would have survived all 31 days if I didn’t decided to overkill myself by doing two themes for inktober HAHAHAH, oh well, will try again next time!



I drew my son along with best grill waifu OC of friend UWU)/



Story time!

Once upon a time, we had a continuous power outage in my area. For three days, the power would be down from 8AM to 6PM, sometimes even longer. It wasn’t much of a problem at work–we have a backup generator. But the third day happens to be Saturday… and my day off.

My phone’s battery was 5%, the weather was uncomfortably hot, and the urged to just draw and draw pushed me to grab my laptop, drawing tablet, and wallet and head out for the mall.

Now our mall isn’t too big, but it has a lot of places where you can just sit and chill. There’s also a quaint cafe that has its own wifi and outlet. So what else to do but buy a cup of matcha frappe, plop down to the most secluded seat available and stay there for 10 hours straight.

Not one of my most proudest achievement in life, but it certainly gave me a really interesting day. Seeing various people come and go, talking to their friends, while there’s me who’s just trying really hard to not scrap my 10th sketch for the past 3 hours and so.

Eventually, 20 mins before I left the cafe:


Best girl has been completed.


I ate, went home, sleep, woke up, then resumed work the day after that.

Then I realized, “Might as well draw my son to match.”

Several weeks later, and here he is.


So, yeah.

I’d like to express my thanks to that cafe for allowing me to stay for 10 hours straight LOL. With how broke I am, I made it my mission to sip only at my drink every 30 mins. And once that ran out, I resorted to their free water LOL (granted, I also ate their very delicious pasta but golly that was sorta expensive HAHAHA)

And thus, I end my tale with the lesson: If the power outage is longer than 2 hours, chill at a nearby cafe.

Fanart time: Djeeta

djeeta sketch


Just a quick art for tonight lolz

djeeta color


…or at least, that’s what I was hoping for but then I ended up coloring it lol


Why is it that when you want to draw, you can’t. But when you just have this… “lol maybe i should try even if I don’t feel like it”  thing, you suddenly get flooded with surprised arts.


..not that I’m complaining though. UwU

Kagerou Project fanzine: Summer DAZE

Hello to my fellow anime/vocaloid fans here! So over the past few months, I’ve been part of a wonderful fanzine group and we’re proud to announce that the pre-order for the Kagerou Project fanzine: Summer DAZE is now open!

Summer DAZE is a nonprofit zine featuring the works of 22 artists and 2 writers! If we make over our printing and shipping costs, then any extra proceeds will be donated to Children International:

So if you’re a fan of Shizen no Teki-P / Jin’s works or know someone that might be interested, feel free to share and check out the store!

Also, here’s a preview of my piece for the zine>w<)b

[Preview] Kagerou Project fanzine: Summer Daze
[Preview] Kagerou Project fanzine: Summer Daze

I drew a Fan Art featuring Sen from Granblue Fantasy!

UPDATE: Sen is now fully colored! Check her out here!


WIP Fan Art: Sen
I’m almost done!! The only thing left is the coloring

What started two days ago as an intimidating request thankyougift for a friend turned out to be the most fun I had in a long time! Sen has never been my favorite character in Granblue (I like her = 8/10, but Yuel, Societte and Catherine took the best waifu/s title, sorry Sen fans!!!) but one thing I really love is her character design. She is a pure cat-girl trope with the giant claws resembling Dragon Nest’s Machina class.

Even though my love for her design is great, drawing it on my own is… hand-breaking, to say the least. She doesn’t have many references so drawing her claws/weapons was really challenging. And I have to accept that “If you base the result of your works on absolute perfection, you won’t produce any.”

I’m not sure if I should color this or just leave it as it is. I have  a love-hate relationship when it comes to coloring, and many times I end up scrapping the color layers just because “I don’t like it.”

Program-wise:  I’m really loving Medibang’s Text tool! I also discovered that they have sample tones/items for comic use. Originally, I wanted to use a dialogue bubble to put the “Nya!” in, but I can’t find any/don’t know how to search. Google has tons, I know, but there’s nothing there that I really want and I can’t draw the bubble with my unsteady hand lol

Anyway, tl;dr: I’m really proud of this one ahahhahaha

quick edit: changed the title of this post to be more specific haha!