Journey Day 6 – Cat

Journey Day 6 - Cat
Journey Day 6 – Cat

Late entry but hey I was able to still make it ahhahahaha

I wanted to do something different this time, hence 2 colors with a sketchy feel.

I feel like I’m becoming more of a cat person as the years go by hahaha


Anyway, first week of Journey is done! See y’all on Monday.

Journey Day 5 – Field


Honestly, I was debating as to what place I should even try to draw. But in the end, I settled with something that reminds me of childhood home lol (and of course, can’t get enough of skies HAHA)

hmm I need to learn to put more color/emphasis?? on stuff, I feel like everything I’ve drawn so far are diluted in some ways HAHAHAHAH

Tomorrow’s the last entry for this week!

Journey Day 4


Journey Day 4 – Watering Can

My keyboard broke down so I decided to continue via traditional means. But it’s been so long since I’ve tried pencil shading that I don’t remember it anymore _(:3 」∠)_

Also, I don’t have a paper that can hold a lot of lead so… hahahahah

I have to fix that keyboard pronto since I have stuffs to do asap;;;


On a side note, I saw this on my sketchbook so might as well save a virtual copy of it haha

It’s really small–like roughly 2 inches? Idk but I like it hhahahha

Journey Day – 3

Journey Day 3 - Nao
My OC Nao wearing the clothes I never wore lol

I call this one “that one skirt in the closet that I will never wear”.

Aside from drawing, maybe I should actually find some books about fashion and read lol

This is a quick one, roughly only 2 hrs. So it’s not as clean as it should be hahhaha

Ramen – Journey Challenge Day 1

Journey - # 1 - RamenSo it’s day 1 of my “Journey” – a self-imposed challenge in which I draw stuff 6 days a week till I reach the end of 2019.

So my pattern will be:
M – Food/Drinks
T – Sky
W – Fashion
Th – Objects
F – Places
S – Animals

The goal of this challenge is not for perfection or mastery of the stuff that I’ll be drawing, but to explore things that I don’t usually draw. It’s quite ambitious, and I’ll probably miss some days due to unexpected circumstances but hey, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there!

random note: “Sky” and “Places” are probably the same thing but I really like looking at the sky so might as well dedicate an entire day/s to it lol

Well, here’s hoping that I make it through the end of the year haha!

Plans for 2019

Hey it’s 2019! Here’s to a brand new year!

Half of January already went by, and so far I’ve managed to complete two drawings, “Almond” and “C.A.R.I.N.”

Almond is a special one since I started it by the end of 2018 and finished it at the beginning of 2019. I see it as a bridge, connecting my past works to the new ones that I’ll eventually make hahaha!

C.A.R.I.N. is more of a milestone for me because all I’ve ever gifted my sister whenever her birthday comes around were nerdy stuff like Pokemon sketches. So I’m really glad to actually able to give her a gift that portrays her and not me lol


2019 projects!

So here are a few things I’m considering to do for the whole year, art-wise:

  • “Garden” – A Flower Project for Granblue Fantasy (A self-indulgement art compilation featuring all of my favorite GBF characters and what their corresponding flowers might be)
  • “Isda” – A 30 days challenge of just drawing fish. (Will do this on April)
  • “Journey” – A ‘draw something different each day’ week thing (February)
    • Monday: Food and Beverages
    • Tuesday: Clouds/Sky
    • Wednesday: Fashion
    • Thursday: Landscape/Background
    • Friday: Objects
    •  Saturday&Sunday: Fullbody

Note: I’m still thinking whether to switch between Digital and Traditional every week/2weeks/month or just pure digital arts lol

Journey will be my most ambitious 2019 goal. Second is Garden.

All of these will require a great deal of patience, diligence, and discipline. Things that I would like to learn and incorporate into my lifestyle. So here’s to me making a wager and hopefully succeed by the end of the year!


What else do I plan to do for this year?


Well, learning Japanese!

I started 11 days ago via Duolingo, and it’s been going smoothly so far (since it’s only the beginning hahaha).

And then training myself to exercise! Since I’m getting tired of feeling ‘old’ and ‘unhealthy’, I want to at least start working out by the 2nd half of February. Jogging, pushup, and situps… diet??? nope, but maybe cutting down on the junk foods hahahha

And let’s not forget the most important goal aside from everything I’ve mentioned above…

I need to get a job hahaha!


Anyway, here’s wishing for everyone’s 2019 to be a year where everything works out in the end, no matter the bumps we’ll be encountering! Fight on!

“Almond” – Last WIP for the 2018

noa promise wip.png
The Promise from Long Ago

It’s been a while! Lots happened along with me catching flu so it took a while for me to get back on drawing. My rolls during the Christmas celebration in Granblue consist of pure salt save for some wishlist SRs that came home. Today, Noa finally came home to my crew so I’m really happy about that! And since I’ve been having some art block for a while now, I figured I should try drawing him as a celebration for his arrival!

I think it turned out pretty well though I’m still deciding whether to go with the flower arrangements or not.

I chose the Almond tree’s flowers since google some say that it symbolizes ‘promise’–and other words that are sorta relevant to Noa himself.

I really don’t know how I’ll color this. Time to experiment for the next few hours then.

Anyway, here’s hoping that I roll Shiva or Vane soon;;;;;;;