About the Artist


Ana Alejandria

“Artist and casual gamer. Cheers to adult life! _(:3」∠)_ “

Hi, I’m Ana, though I go by the name “Kara” online!

I’m a digital artist hailing from the Philippines. I also consider myself a hobbyist artist so most of my works consist of sketches and quick colorization. Though my style may change from time to time, my go-to is heavily influenced by Japanese animation (aka Anime). I also used to draw a lot of comics back on my roleplaying days, and now I aim to create one that doesn’t involve fandoms or RP.

I don’t do traditional arts as often as I used to due to the lack of materials, but I still like to go back to pen and paper and just draw. So there will be some posts of those here on the site!

If not drawing, I spend my free time as a skyfarer  playing Granblue Fantasy (my art goal!) or other indie games. I also like to visit different coffee shops, go on friend dates with my fellow art/game buddies, or just chill on Reddit.

I want to express myself in Art. It’s my form of communication and a very therapeutic activity. It’s been with me since I can remember and I don’t plan on parting ways with Art anytime soon, so cheers!