mini artworks & WIPs


here’s what I’ve got so far, or at least, for this month.

I got a new (not brand new, but it’s still a gigantic step up from my old one) laptop thanks to my big sis, so I’ve done the first thing that came to my mind: draw.



Looks ok on laptop, but the color changes on mobile lol
felt like changing my twitter icon so i drew Vyrn.

And now for the remaining two:

my current “project” that won’t hopefully take a whole year to complete…maybe.

This particular WIP is my favorite so far, and the one that has most of my motivation invested on. I wanted to make a new banner for my social media accounts so I decided to draw the games that I’ve been recently playing: Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH), Closers, Granblue Fantasy (GBF), and Dragon Nest respectively.

except FEH is missing.

I haven’t decided who to draw on FEH yet, probably because I’m not too invested on the game since I only started playing this month. But we’ll see.

I’m particularly proud with the GBF one even though it’s not finished yet. I’ve been experimenting with colors–or at least trying to practice, and this piece is my guinea pig.

how to color theory help

I don’t know how to determine whether this is “enough” or not, lol. I can’t even line the other two since I’m too focused on trying to finish this one first.

why are they so many;;;;;

So, I visited my old home a few days ago and I found this old drawing from 2009. It’s kinda funny that I still remember some of their names hahaha. I wanted to redraw them so I’ve been doing it one character at a time.

Well, that’s pretty much it. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. LOL.

Will update again when I finished the wips, or make new ones hahaha


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