lol been on art slump


The Journey challenge lasted for only like… a month? HAHAHA
It was a sad attempt, but an attempt nonetheless, and I’m still glad I was able to draw on a daily basis–despite how short it has been.

I learned how to be “burned out” in a hard way.  And the lack of proper planning for the challenge had an effect too.

I also noticed that I ended up procrastinating until it’s like… 30 mins left till the day is over LOL.
So lesson learned:
>Plan properly if it’s something that’s gonna take a whole year.
>Add more rest days. One day isn’t really enough.
>Set a consistent schedule to do the challenge to establish a solid routine.

Another good thing that came out of the challenge is that I noticed how “pale” my coloring is.

It’s something I’ve been trying to change nowadays, but overall, I haven’t done a “finished” artwork… okay, so there’s actually two, but I can’t post one of them yet due to personal reasons hahaha

So yeah, tl;dr – Been on an art block for a long while, so random experiments on coloring are all I’ve done lol


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