Current status of Journey

Hey there! So I haven’t been actually posing the last 2 entries here for reasons (I’m actually more active on Twitter tbh, so it’s my first place to post stuff). But I’ll get around to posting them next week along with the others!

So, actually, from today until the 20th, I won’t have access to my PC so I can’t do my Journey entries _(:3 」∠)_

Gonna travel a bit in 2 days and by Thursday, I’ll be going back home for real and (as sis put it) will be resuming my life because I’ve been in a limbo for a long while now.

So after nephew’s bday, I’ll go back home and find a job. Gotta contribute to society. (Or at least fund my skyfaring ways lel//no)

I’ll be able to resume the Journey at that time, so yeah.

On a side note:

My other self-indulgement GBF Flower-themed project: Garden.

It’s half of Feb, and I still haven’t done any sketch for it. Can’t even decide “who” from the list HAHAHA so I’m questioning now if I should still make an attempt to do this project🤔

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