Ramen – Journey Challenge Day 1

Journey - # 1 - RamenSo it’s day 1 of my “Journey” – a self-imposed challenge in which I draw stuff 6 days a week till I reach the end of 2019.

So my pattern will be:
M – Food/Drinks
T – Sky
W – Fashion
Th – Objects
F – Places
S – Animals

The goal of this challenge is not for perfection or mastery of the stuff that I’ll be drawing, but to explore things that I don’t usually draw. It’s quite ambitious, and I’ll probably miss some days due to unexpected circumstances but hey, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there!

random note: “Sky” and “Places” are probably the same thing but I really like looking at the sky so might as well dedicate an entire day/s to it lol

Well, here’s hoping that I make it through the end of the year haha!

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