[WIP] Fish Mage

Water mage with a fish as her "familiar"
Water mage with a fish as her “familiar”


Yet another Work in Progress with Fish Mage this time.

I want to try drawing something with a bit more detail this time so I’m gonna add more stuff to her.

As always, GBF is a big influence, so how they do their character art has been in my mind while doing this. This is also a re-draw of this old character sketch:

OC: Mage Character who has a fish as a familiar


Aside from the clothes, I also wanted to have a lighter/fun aura for her compared to the original so for now, I’m pretty satisfied with how the new one turned out. The anatomy killed me at first though because I started with the bust and I end up really liking it:

headshot fish mage
headshot fish mage

So it took several times for me to draw a body that doesn’t seem too awkward with this kind of head position;;;;

I can’t wait to clean this one up though! And then leave it forever because how to even color at this point hahahaha

Will post its update in a few days! Cheers~

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