I drew a Fan Art featuring Sen from Granblue Fantasy!

UPDATE: Sen is now fully colored! Check her out here!


WIP Fan Art: Sen
I’m almost done!! The only thing left is the coloring

What started two days ago as an intimidating request thankyougift for a friend turned out to be the most fun I had in a long time! Sen has never been my favorite character in Granblue (I like her = 8/10, but Yuel, Societte and Catherine took the best waifu/s title, sorry Sen fans!!!) but one thing I really love is her character design. She is a pure cat-girl trope with the giant claws resembling Dragon Nest’s Machina class.

Even though my love for her design is great, drawing it on my own is… hand-breaking, to say the least. She doesn’t have many references so drawing her claws/weapons was really challenging. And I have to accept that “If you base the result of your works on absolute perfection, you won’t produce any.”

I’m not sure if I should color this or just leave it as it is. I have  a love-hate relationship when it comes to coloring, and many times I end up scrapping the color layers just because “I don’t like it.”

Program-wise:  I’m really loving Medibang’s Text tool! I also discovered that they have sample tones/items for comic use. Originally, I wanted to use a dialogue bubble to put the “Nya!” in, but I can’t find any/don’t know how to search. Google has tons, I know, but there’s nothing there that I really want and I can’t draw the bubble with my unsteady hand lol

Anyway, tl;dr: I’m really proud of this one ahahhahaha

quick edit: changed the title of this post to be more specific haha!

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