Website Status: [so far so good]

I did a major update with everything today!

First off, I decided to change the theme. This one is a lot simpler and I really like it!

Also, I think I’m getting a good grasp of how WordPress works now–on site noob-building anyway, so there’s that too. After this, I’m gonna explore the rest of WordPress to see what else this world have to offer ;p

#2: I finally put my works on the right pages!

So what I have up, for now, is the: Traditional, Digital and WIP pages for my works!

I really haven’t made any new comics yet (since I’m hesitant to upload the old ones that are involved in my Roleplaying groups) so for now, it’s empty;; same with my Portfolio since I gotta find and choose which one to upload there.

I’m not sure how to go about that though since I only have very few complete pieces…and they’re all Fan Arts.

Still, pretty much everything is complete now. Just need to update here and there. Cheers~

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