Website status: [under construction]

Hi there, Kara here •w•)/

Edit: 11/17/2018 – crossed out some of the stuff that I finished :3

Ok, so I’m gonna add more stuff on this site starting this week:
Arts–will finally bring up traditional stuff!
•A few written posts/explanations (bio, the reason for making a website, etc etc)
•More design for the site
>> I’m thinking of trying out a few more simplistic themes? Or, should I stick with this one; try some ideas on the background?

Things I’m currently working on:
•Banners for the site
•A one-shot 5 page comic for late Halloween (i should clean up that soon;;; )
•DeltaRune & Granblue Fantasy fanart
•23 chibi requests from various DeviantArt users
•Sketch/concept ideas for my friends’ Christmas gifts!

Stuff I’m trying to learn:
•Wordpress and coding

Random notes:
•I’m also practicing watercolor! Though all I’ve been drawing are trees, haha. And because of that, I’m thinking of making a small project:


Different hues of different trees done in watercolor. Not exactly the most original idea, but it will surely help me practice!

But first, I’ll need to get more papers!

•Another project I want to work on is to make an actual comic or story. I got the general idea and plot points down along with a few endings to take. So all that’s left is the worldbuilding, more details on the characters, and a few plotholes to fill up! (Not to mention how to divide the pacing, how it should look like, and etc etc).

•Due to my schedule offline (in which I’m still figuring things out), updates will most likely be bite-sized pieces for now. Hopefully that will change soon and that I’ll be able to focus more on developing this site and my works.

See you all on the next update 👌

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